Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Here Comes The Sun

It's nearly finished; it has legs, elbows, little hands and a heart.
One week left. 

We've ditched a bunch of songs and some have been written in their place. A favorite is 'Destined For Great Things' which we are certain will live up to its name.
Ed has loaned us his ancient Hammond Organ which is possibly the greatest sounding instrument on earth. There is a video of him playing it on Three Sisters below.

God we're close.
God we're happy.


ridicularious said...

The title alone "Destined for Great Things" gives me goosebumps of delight. :)

Laura said...

I'm quivering with anticipation... And also with a little confusion. Is "Destined For Great Things" still going to be on the album? I was looking forward to that particular song, and I'm getting mixed messages from everything... But either way I'm still awaiting the third album with an absolute and overwhelming glee.