Monday, 4 August 2008


I've eaten too many biscuits. 

Ian (seeming genuinely a little affronted): 'I'm not sure about these biscuits. I think they're cheap biscuits DISGUISED as posh biscuits.'
Me: (swallowing): 'I quite like them.'

Finn and I spent this morning reworking an entire song as a paean to the process of renting out Tron. I'm not saying which one, you can take your guesses and wait for the limited edition B-side release.  

In other news, Dan is indeed doing face-melting guitar work as we speak, though on Sun Gangs, not House She Lived In. We gave Henning the day off today, to make up for yesterday's hefty workload, and because after playing the song several times with him in it, we decided it was better with him Out. He's probably the only one of us that could take being told that, just sat smugly on the couch and began searching freecycle for baby supplies, secure in the knowledge that he's the shining star of pretty much everything else we've recorded so far. Every now and then he's spoken up to say 'yeah this is WAY better without me in it....and look! I've found a crib called the 'Dan Baby Cot!'.

Oh. Hang on. Henning's not being creepy or anything, he and his girlfriend Tania are actually having a baby, for those of you who didn't know. We're very, very proud. Feel free to suggest names and send gifts. 

I think I'll keep up this links game, if only because it's quite handy. Bookmarks for the fundamentally lazy. 

 Apparently a lot of people have seen this, but I hadn't til yesterday. A friend of mine showed it to me and when I asked how she came across it all she could offer was ' pandas?'

TV On The Radio on Letterman is one of my favourite things on the internet. I love how at the end Letterman looks like he's trying to put his brain back together a little. 

When you're away from home, it's comforting to read the headlines and remember that no country, no newspaper, does Weird News quite the way New Zealand does. 

I'm actually quite proud to link this recording of a Tom Waits show plus links to a fake press conference cos I was really happy when I found it. So happy I haven't even listened to nor read any of it yet.  

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