Sunday, 17 August 2008


Somehow, 'bass day', the day where I was supposed to be banging down tracks and fixing glitches in a wholly professional manner, turned Three Sisters from something Geoff optimistically called 'lively' into an ancient folk story about monsters remade in modern times with sub bass and set in the Californian desert. And that's nothing compared to what happened to Hanging Rock on the second day, that one's now a new song entirely. 

And I'd like to take all the credit (at least I hope it's credit. We think it's credit), but it was Finn and Graham really. I just played stuff, and they seemed to run with it like...well, I spose it's time for an Usain Bolt reference. I read that he prepared for his race with chicken nuggets and telly. I told everyone that with as much glee as I read them Micheal Phelp's diet earlier this week, prompting a 'you're the athlete's diets expert!' from Ian. 

Anyway. We're back in the studio en masse now, roundtabling issues of guitar tone and vocal harmony, where the snare should come in and how many strings an opening riff should be played on. Happily, there have been no major disagreements yet, which, after the infamous 'Jesus Fight' during Nux, is a relief. To explain a little further, there was a long, heated, and slightly, with the value of hindsight, melodramatic, argument between Liam, Finn and myself, sat around a swimming pool, about whether one moment in the opening of Jesus should be just piano, or piano and guitar. I believe the phrase 'it'll RUIN THE WHOLE SONG' was used, more than once, by each party. What I don't remember is who won.

The current obsession round here, internet-wise, is You can visit the mainpage and explore for yourself, or view these awesome highlights.

That's not even half of the best of it, but it'll do to be going on with I guess.

Also, I'm still watching the Olympics. So much, in fact, that my thinking is sports tinted and I've started seeing an awful lot of strange similarities between music and sports. But there are worse things to be tinted with, I suppose. Naturally, as soon as I didn't watch it, yesterday, New Zealand promptly won a bunch of medals, which I guess I should be proud about, but if I'm honest I got more of a kick out of watching the chinese girl gymnasts float over bars like hummingbirds in search of valuable nectar. 

After all, aren't we all just hummingbirds in search of valuable nectar? Maybe not Dan. 

I'm going to hand over to Finn now, we had a SPECIAL GUEST in today, and I think he has photos. 

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